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    Saturday, August 28, 2010

    Some serious fucktard(s) got my private msn email account in some websites/forum causing tons of mother fuckers adding me.
    If it's regarding those parties, its ok. But, some added me just to make friends. -.-

    Once I've confronted them about my emails whereabouts, they'll.....

    1. Act retarded.
    For e.g. I am Chinese. I want u friend. I am alone.

    Look, honestly. If you're my real friend or someone whom i know personally, I'd most probably entertain you with my nonsense. BUT if you're not. You will be 101% blocked. THIS IS MY PRIVATE MSN ACCOUNT! NOT SOME CHAT-ROOM/IRC FOR TIC KO PEKS (horny lustful men)! If you're bored then go do something useful! Help sweep Singapore's road or donate blood. Or rather, do whatever you like as long as it doesnt concern me, I DONT FUCKING CARE!

    If you're gonna say. Oh Priscilla, you're so unfriendly. People just wanna make friends! Oh please! There are TONS of social networking sites in the WWW and of all these sites why my msn! At least on social networking sites, mutual agreement can/will be made. But for msn? It's like totally one-sided! Thank god for the block function. :)

    2. Simply ignored my existence.

    After countless of nudges and messages sent, that person just refused to reply.

    Reason (in all probability);
    A ) Dont know how to type.
    B ) Speakers spoilt thus cannot heard anything.
    C ) Blind thus cannot see the orange blinking notification.
    D ) Keyboard spoilt.
    E ) Just simply illiterate in all forms of languages.
    F ) It's a non-living thing (e.g; Ghost) behind the screen.

    In the case of such people;
    A) Scold the shit outta that person and then block.
    B) Laugh at them and then block.
    C) Block without doing anything.

    I think i will pick A/B/C. Scold the shit outta that person and then block.
    Laugh my arse off at them and then block.
    Block without doing anything. ^^

    Oh well. These are just some classics. There are way more tougher cases which i cant be bothered to elaborate on anymore.

    Whoa, guess I'm just feeling wordy today and i think whoever that finishes this whole chunk of crap I've wrote, have excellent patience!